Monday September 24, 2018; 11:43 AM EDT
Another day on the project

I took a day off, mostly.

I have githubpub working with the new format for posts.

The templates come from the repo.

I want to hook it up to webhooks on GitHub and use that to manage the cache. And pull all that down into davegithub so it's nicely reusable. That would be a nice project for today. Let's see how far we can get.

First, doing some factoring and code cleanup on githubpub.

Along the way I hit the rate-limit thing from GitHub, so I took a detour and added error reporting for this, all the way back to the user. Also took advantage of their feature that allows you to specify your client ID and secret in the URL for the request to get up to 5000 requests per hour. That should be enough for a while. ;-)

Starting to install the new software on the server.

  1. english.js is running under forever on rockaway.
  2. release new version of githubpub package on NPM.
  3. githubpub.js running on bayside.

So now we're ready to start working on the cache and webhooks.

I've got the cache working, I'm going to leave the webhook implementation for beginning of work tomorrow.

Okay I have a webhook implemented supposedly.

And It's telling me what the changed object is shortly after it changed.

jstruct.commits [0].modified [0]

So the next step is to find the object in the cache and delete it, so next time it's referenced it's reloaded from the repo. Voila.

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